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Inspire a generation?

Ahead of National Paralympic Day, Zoe Mellis, Head of London Youth’s sports development programme, Getting Ready, looks back on the changes in community sports across the capital in the two years since the start of London 2012. When London Youth first … Continue reading

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Not all young people want to play games…….do they?

As a youth worker, trainer and facilitator I use games….a lot.  Not just as ‘ice-breakers’ and energisers but as a means to facilitate learning, reflection and application.  (For clarity I’m not referring to computer games although they have their value as well, but group … Continue reading

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Youth Leadership and Participation

I don’t know the minute details of what Paris Brown wrote on twitter. I don’t want to comment on her specific situation. And of course we have to take responsibility for our actions. However watching the Kent Youth Crime Commissioner … Continue reading

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Support for Paris

If every stupid thing I’d said when I was 15 was public, there would be plenty to hound me out of a job on I can assure you. Because I was young, a little cocky and insecure, and working out … Continue reading

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Investing in our future

Write a blog on the importance of youth empowering development! To be honest, this had me a little stumped. Not because it’s not an important issue. Not because there isn’t an immense amount of research into it. And certainly not … Continue reading

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Detached Youth Work and Community Involvement: Developing Networks that Work

Defining community can be problematic; issues surrounding the interpretation of people’s perceptions of community is where practice should begin. Identifying the wider context of how people view their interaction in local life. This post will identify, compare and contrast the … Continue reading

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2012: the Olympic Legacy – where is it?

There is a real risk that the legacy of London 2012 will not be as positive as it might have been due to insufficient focus having been placed on this in the lead-up to the event. Granted, there has been … Continue reading

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The what and why of youth participation

Participation, engagement and involvement are popular terms, and whilst there are differences in the meaning of them there is also a lot of overlap. They are all associated with the importance of involving wider groups of people in decisions, services … Continue reading

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