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Investing in our future

Write a blog on the importance of youth empowering development! To be honest, this had me a little stumped. Not because it’s not an important issue. Not because there isn’t an immense amount of research into it. And certainly not … Continue reading

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Creating the UK’s first youth-led mutual

Circle Crew for Change (CCfC) is the UK’s first youth mutual. Incorporated in February 2013, it is owned and controlled by the young people it exists to serve. It operates out of the Village Hall, Delves Lane, Consett in County … Continue reading

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Young Adults Want Their Parents in Their Lives!

Many young adults struggle with the following dilemma: on the one hand they want their freedom and independence; on the other hand they require a lot of support from their parents and the adults in their lives while they are making … Continue reading

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Young Adults & Resistance: Understanding the Need

Children clearly let us know about their need to establish their identity as early as they enter the toddler years.  This is commonly a difficult time for parents, many of whom refer to this time-period by the well known label:  … Continue reading

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The Missing Link in Youth Empowerment

There are so many wonderful initiatives supporting young people towards employment, training, enterprise, and ultimately independence.  Many work with young people to develop their mindsets, others help them to develop essential life skills, some provide access to role models and … Continue reading

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Good finance and enterprise ‘education’ is the key to a sustainable future

That’s a pretty engaging title for a blog I’m sure you’ll agree, but you know what there isn’t a particularly pithy way of saying it, and even if I could think of one I wouldn’t use it, because I want there … Continue reading

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