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Why every young person should have a coach

It seems these days that everyone has a coach, I have one, my colleagues have one, my friends have one, even Richard Branson has one, and now finally young people can have one too.  Like wheels on suitcases, it amazes … Continue reading

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Reflections on NEET young people

The media is full of statistics about young people being unemployed. Statistics are important and give the picture. Do we stop to think about the young people behind the statistics? Young Gloucestershire work with young people who are NEET from … Continue reading

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Journey to Employment

Yesterday, I attended the launch of the NPC/Inspiring Impact project on the ‘Journey to Employment’ (JET) framework. Subtitled ‘A guide to understanding and measuring what matters to young people’, this is aimed at better capturing what is involved in young … Continue reading

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The Future in your Hands: Entrepreneurship as a model for Youth Empowerment in Transitioning to Employment

I remember the shock of my first formal job interview. I was fired with questions about leading a team, showing my initiative, resolving disputes – and my mind went completely blank. Looking back, it had never occurred to me to … Continue reading

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Don’t call me NEET!

I was having a conversation with half a dozen other youth professionals yesterday and mentioned my dislike for the term NEET, an acronym for ‘Not in Employment Education or Training’, most often used when referring specifically to 16 to 24 … Continue reading

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Young People’s Alternative Career Pathways: A Discovery of Purpose for Young People

If social policy does not support  young people who want to enter employment and therefore gain some form of adult status and continued biography after finishing compulsory education, how will this affect young people in the future? One-way young people … Continue reading

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