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HIV diagnoses among young gay men: We need to act

I will keep saying it until I’m blue in the face: new HIV Infections have almost doubled amongst 15-24 year olds. I read my briefing over breakfast this morning and I cannot quite describe the feeling in my stomach. How … Continue reading

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21st Century SRE – time for a party?

Last week I was talking to one of the @BeSexPositive volunteers who was involved in developing Brook’s 21st Century Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) campaign in 2011 (find out more here). We started with the important bit – the day … Continue reading

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Youth Work in Education, The Report.

I spoke a while ago about youth work in schools and since then have been progressively more engaged with the concept of youth work in secondary schools. Today sees the launch of the National Youth Agency’s final report for the … Continue reading

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The value of working with emotional intelligence in schools

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the end of KS3 is a tipping point for young people in terms of the outcomes they are likely to achieve as they grow into young adults. Young people with low … Continue reading

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Setting young people up to fail

I am new to blogging,  so bear with me, however I thought I would share some of the current journeys myself and Young Gloucestershire are experiencing. Here are my first reflections on setting young people up to fail. As a … Continue reading

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Youth Work in Schools, is it the way forward?

In the past there has been a tendency for people to pitch youth work and schooling against each other in an attempt to say one is better than the other, a way of thinking that quite frankly infuriates me. One … Continue reading

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I will not let an exam result decide my fate

This post is for those of you who’ve ever wondered about the place of youth work in the modern day! Pondered what its role is in a society where ‘achieving’ at school is the mantra … and where ‘qualifications’ are seen as … Continue reading

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Don’t call me NEET!

I was having a conversation with half a dozen other youth professionals yesterday and mentioned my dislike for the term NEET, an acronym for ‘Not in Employment Education or Training’, most often used when referring specifically to 16 to 24 … Continue reading

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Central Government support for the youth service is needed now more than ever

I’ve written before about my concerns of an increasingly fragmented youth sector. Local authorities, under growing central pressure to save money, are ‘casually’ slicing through their youth service funding. Even before Gove’s comments of the 23rd January, addressed in this … Continue reading

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