Scott Tweed

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Scott TweedScott is a youth work coordinator for a Rathbone, a learning disability charity based in Lambeth. He currently works with young people with learning disabilities and Autism.

He first got involved in youth related projects when he was involved in the setting up of a disability football academy in Essex. This was the 1st of its kind in the county. Scott was involved in various areas, including under 12s academy manager, community liaison officer and was also on the Essex FA steering committee for disability football.

Scott is a highly motivated individual and ambitious for himself and his career. His motivations are securely rooted in his belief in the work that he does.  He genuinely seeks to bring about improvements to services and opportunities for young people and in particular those with disabilities and learning disabilities.

Scott regularly seeks out opportunities to become engaged in discussions about all things youth work the future of youth work and is a passionate advocate for the role of young people in decision making and planning processes. He often expresses his frustration at the slow pace of being able to instigate change due to either organisational, local authority of funding constraints.

He has a clear, driven attitude and vision for the current and future of youth work for young people with disabilities.

Scott is also on the board of trustees at London Youth.

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