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Luke McCarthy

Luke McCarthy has a background in sport and its use as a tool to engage young people and also extensive knowledge and experience of measurement and evaluation.

Luke believes passionately in the power of sport as a tool to engage young people, give them positive structure and role models, and divert them from possible negative influences. Sport allows significant opportunities for personal development of participants including areas such as teamwork, communication, leadership and conflict resolution. There is a growing evidence base of its effective and cost-effective use for in crime reduction and countering youth unemployment.

Luke also has a wealth of expertise around measurement and evaluation, gained from both professional experience in this area and also undertaking a Masters in Youth Participation. Experience includes tracking long term destinations of participants in particular programmes to demonstrate long term impact, soft skills development (and the link from this to long term outcomes) and identifying which elements of particular programmes result in observed positive outcomes. With increasing pressure to explain and justify the impact of youth services, this area is going to become increasingly important to the sector.

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