Darren Farmer

Darren works with young people to address their needs, rights, responsibilities and aspirations, through innovative solution focused interventions, which have a person centre approach.  He is a social agent working with young people in the social context of the here and now. Supporting young peoples emotional, social and personal development.

Darren has a great deal of experience of working with (so called hard to reach) young people as a Senior Youth Worker and Senior Detached Youth Worker. Managing projects, developing programmes of work and managing a team of youth workers. He has a BA (Hons) degree in Youth and Community Services from the University of Worcester, which has informed his professional practice and shaped the way he transfers theory into practice.

Over a 10 year career trajectory, he has been involved and developed some really innovating projects and programmes designed to engage young people e.g. Detached Youth Work, Alternative Provision, Sexual Health Services, Mentoring Programmes, Open Access, NEET Intervention Projects, etc.

Darren’s career aspirations are to take more of a strategic role in service development for young people – develop services that operate effectively to meet the needs, rights, responsibilities and aspirations of young people.


2 Responses to Darren Farmer

  1. Darren – could we find a way to catch up with regard to NEET intervention Projects, especially with regard to evaluation and evidence based practice.


  2. Matt Lent says:

    Hi, Darren will not be alerted to messages left on this page for him, but he will if you comment of any of his blog posts.

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