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I am a reliable professional youth worker with over 10 years experience working with young people. I work with young people to address their needs, rights, responsibilites and apirations, through innovative solution focused interventions.  I'm a social agent working with young people in the social context of the here and now. Supporting young peoples emotional, social and personal development. 

A Journey of Discovery – Detached Youth Work

When asked to write a short blog about the value impact of detached youth work I thought it would be interesting to explore value. Value could be seen as just financial but for the content of this blog I will … Continue reading

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Young People’s Alternative Career Pathways: A Discovery of Purpose for Young People

If social policy does not support  young people who want to enter employment and therefore gain some form of adult status and continued biography after finishing compulsory education, how will this affect young people in the future? One-way young people … Continue reading

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Detached Youth Work and Community Involvement: Developing Networks that Work

Defining community can be problematic; issues surrounding the interpretation of people’s perceptions of community is where practice should begin. Identifying the wider context of how people view their interaction in local life. This post will identify, compare and contrast the … Continue reading

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