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A highly experienced, articulate and effective leader, manager and consultant; 25 years in public sector leading and managing change in ‘turnaround situations’; and, 13 years as a proactive OD consultant, trainer and interim manager with strong coaching and presentational skills working across UK and Europe. Recognised for great results, expertise, sense of humour and high integrity, John is an inspirational and empowering people and organisation developer, underpinned by a passion for lifelong learning. He thrives when delivering projects that yield multiple business benefits to the client.

A Re-invigorated Role for Youth Work?

In these times of austerity, continuing deficit reductions and the closure of so-called ‘lesser priority’ services have seen the position and value of youth work severely questioned. The true reality of this depends very much, of course, on locality and … Continue reading

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Don’t take more … give it back!

I awoke this morning early; the echoes of a vivid dream burning in my mind! I was at a conference about young people’s policy. The whole tone of the conference reeked of ‘Do more, with less”; one of the more … Continue reading

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What a sham! The Positive for Youth Progress Report 2013

The only thing remarkable about this recently-published report is that it is 35 pages long! How long it must have taken them to find sufficient information to produce it, heaven only knows? What it tells us about the progress on … Continue reading

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I will not let an exam result decide my fate

This post is for those of you who’ve ever wondered about the place of youth work in the modern day! Pondered what its role is in a society where ‘achieving’ at school is the mantra … and where ‘qualifications’ are seen as … Continue reading

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Creating the UK’s first youth-led mutual

Circle Crew for Change (CCfC) is the UK’s first youth mutual. Incorporated in February 2013, it is owned and controlled by the young people it exists to serve. It operates out of the Village Hall, Delves Lane, Consett in County … Continue reading

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