About YSB


What is this site for?

This is a communal blog site, founded by Matt Lent.

It is all about youth work and all that it encompasses, it is by and for youth workers, youth practitioners and all youth professionals, it is non-denominational and non-partisan.

If you work directly or indirectly with and for children and young people then we offer you this forum to communicate about what’s happening for you in the youth sector during this extremely challenging time.

Who’s it for?

This is a central place where all youth professionals can share their thoughts and their experiences, an online space for professionals throughout the UK (and beyond) to connect and collaborate.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a volunteer within the sector that’s never blogged before or a CEO of a national youth work provider, your views, opinions and experiences will be valued and appreciated on this site.

Why is it needed?

As youth work professionals we all understand how important reflective practice and sharing is, but despite the proliferation of online resources and tools available there still does not seem to be a space dedicated to this and this alone.

With the sector under serious threat, funding depleted and services closing down every week it is vital that we come together to share our expertise, our experiences and our thoughts about youth work and the sector more widely.  Through this we can encourage an open dialogue, collaboration, sharing, transparency, replication not duplication, and a national sense of community and a shared agenda.

There are many excellent bloggers out there within the youth sector, but most, if not all, are affiliated to an organisation, campaign or religious groups.  This space will always remain impartial, although we do of course welcome contributions from representatives across all elements of the youth service.

What type of blogs are there here?

Anything relevant to youth work and the youth sector really, but we don’t post blogs that contain funding requests, are explicitly advertorial or are just plain offensive. For example you could blog about:

  • Programmes or projects you’ve been involved in
  • Challenges that you are facing as a youth practitioner
  • Opinions about the state of the youth sector
  • Thoughts on central or local policy and legislation
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Sharing good practice
  • Ideas for local or national initiatives
  • Research or study pieces
  • Funding opportunities
  • Evaluation findings
  • Developments in the sector
  • Thought leadership pieces

We welcome experienced bloggers and first time bloggers, in fact we very much encourage it, the more youth workers that share and collaborate the stronger our sector will become.

If you’re unsure about whether your blog will be suitable, have any questions or would like to be added as a contributor please e-mail Matt on mattlent@yahoo.com.


One Response to About YSB

  1. Your idea is a great one. Working together is something laudable. It gives strength. Somebody has said what we can do working together no one can do working alone. I am happy to be working with youth. I have worked with youth all my life. What I do is to educate, motivate, encourage and inspire youth to bring out the best in them and achieve their most lofty dreams. My blog is for those young people who want to make it to the top or to make an impact in the world but do not know how to go about it. I am sure working with you can deliver great results for us both.

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