Reflections on NEET young people

The media is full of statistics about young people being unemployed. Statistics are important and give the picture.

Do we stop to think about the young people behind the statistics? Young Gloucestershire work with young people who are NEET from across the county of Gloucestershire, while it is true some young people don’t want to work and don’t see the point in it. There are a high percentage of young people who really want a job, yet don’t have the skills, knowledge, experience or qualifications to make this happen.

Consider if you were a young person with limited qualifications and confidence, spending everyday searching for jobs, filling in application forms, handing your CV into employers and constantly being told no or even worse getting no response. How long would it take before you stopped applying? Could you take that rejection month in month out? I know I couldn’t.

What comes first the chicken or the egg? Well how do you get a job without experience and how do you get experience without a job? I am pleased to say there are many companies across Gloucestershire that are willing to help solve this question: Offering work placement opportunities with potential jobs at the end for young people who prove their worth. Are businesses doing enough to help young people in their chicken and egg situation? Or could your business do more?

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3 Responses to Reflections on NEET young people

  1. Gemeh Kromah says:

    First and foremost, I found your blog enriched and fascinating. Certainly, I love all posts from you level-headed and passionate individuals didicated to exposing us to the reality, passion and challenges of youth work. I’m a newly graduate of the bachelor of social work, and I am pleased to say that I am deeply passionate about making a difference in young people’s life. Currently, I am on the verge of creating a youth organisation targeting refugee and migrant youths specifically. However, as you may know, due to a large volume of youth organisations all aiming to make a diiference, I find it difficult to come up with something new. Something unique and something that interests young people. Something different from what everyone else is doing. Young people from refugee background face extreme isolation in their new country of refuge or asylum. They face significant issues that are not limited to racism, post traumatic stress disorder, separation, bullying, exposure to hunger, and rape. They , on a daily basis, hear phrases like “go back to your country” You’re taking our jobs” “You don’t deserve anything” etc. They have a tendency of dropping out of schools, engaging in drug and alcohol , getting out of home. Can anyone share their ideas with me as to how I can come up something unique in order for me to making a difference in young people’s life?

  2. Thanks for your post and comments. I would recommend you don’t create a new youth organisation looking for a new twist, but you seek out other organisations that are already doing the type of work you are interested in. There are a lot of organisations out there who are focusing on the issues you raise. Creating a new organisation can create confusion, mean resources are spread even thinner and create another set of core costs. I would urge you to research other organisations working in the area you have an interest and see how you can be involved further with them.

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