Monitoring and Evaluating…. More than just numbers?

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Recently I have been looking at how different organisations monitor and evaluate their youth provision and truth be told there doesn’t seem to be one system which is used more than another and as you would expect all have pros and cons.

I am pleased to see that not all organisations rely on numbers alone to decide what is working and what is not.

I did some work within my local authority youth service recently and I am delighted to see some very positive steps away from using numbers and ‘tick box outcomes’ as their means of measuring the effectiveness of the provision on offer.

They have now opted for a system which uses case studies to look at an individual young person’s ‘journey’ with the service. I find this very encouraging when all signs in the current climate seem to point to numbers being the only way to keep the money flowing into our services.

The point in the new case studies is to show when each young person has had a meaningful interaction with a worker and then allows for us to see how these interactions are followed up and if any more interactions are recorded.

I think this system is one of the best I have come across with the ability to monitor and evaluate the impact of a session as a whole or on a particular young person.

I am keen to gain your opinions on how this could be improved further although I am aware that the world of recording doesn’t suit a one size fits all system, having a good baseline can allow for this good practice to be carried into other organisations.

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